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  1. Assignments: Turning assignments from classroom teacher dictates into conversations that include the teacher, students, specialists in the school, parents
  2. Reading Commmunity: Building a reading community through virtual book/movie/other media discussion clubs including writing and utilizing social networking such as Facebook and Twitter, wikis, blogs, nings.
  3. Student Productions: Encouraging the production of learner-created content whether for assignments or for fun and storing that content in a virtual school yearbook and museum. The center of fun and creativity.
  4. School Improvement: The center for school improvement or experimental learning center where trials, experiments, action research, professional learning communities are centered.
  5. The Big Think: A center for metacognitive reflection by both individuals and groups
  6. Tools Tools Tools: The use of various types of tools to create a learning commons nested in the cloud. For example: signing up for Google APS as a school; Netvibes, Pageflakes, etc.
  7. Design: Design as a method of capturing attention and collaboration; for example, perhaps there are multiple "main" pages as direct entry points for learners, classroom teachers, teacher librarians, etc. rather than trying to direct traffic all through one central page.
  8. Collaborative Culture: Invitations to collaborate at every appropriate place
  9. Knowledge Building Centers: Creating Knowledge Building Centers (idea from Deb Wallace) that are major collaborative pathfinders for learning units that are repeated in the school over and over. These knowledge centers might have links created by everyone, tools, data sets, sample units and their effects over time, projects across the class/school/world, places to collaborate with experts; links to special collections at various libraries/museums/govt. agencies; student created tutorials/projects/interviews/data sets.
  10. Global awareness centers
  11. Financial literacy centers
  12. Health and wellness/obesity collaborative centers
  13. Any other school wide effort to integrate themes into regular curricular efforts.
  14. Documenting Impact: Demonstration of what clients can expect from teacher librarians, teacher technologists and other specialists (idea from Deb Wallace, Harvard business School)
  15. ICT and Info Lit: The integration of ICT and information literacy and 21st Century Learning Skills into learning activities designed to boost achievement.
  16. Geek Squads: The creation of a Geek Squad for the spread of technical assistance throughout the school.