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Library FAQ

Q: Why is the library so cool?
A: The thermostat is set at 70 degrees.

Q: Why can't I log in?
A: Check to make sure that you have your permanent ID number correct and that you are logging into the Troy domain. If you need to have your password reset, see Mrs. Slim or Mrs. Garcia in the library. Some new students may need to ask Mr. Mara to create an account for them.

Q: How do I print from the computers?
A: Very carefully! Make sure that you are only printing what you need. Print to the HP 4250 printer. Printing is $.05 per page

Q: How many printouts can I print out?
A: 150 per semester at $.05 each. If you run out of printouts after 150, you can bring a ream of paper to Mr. Mara or Mrs. Slim to replenish your account.

Q: When is the library open?
A: Monday through Thursday we are open from 6:30am until 4pm. On Fridays we close at 3:30pm. Check the Library Calendar for any closures.

Q: How many books can I check out?
A: How many can you carry, take care of and bring back on time? Try not to check out more than 3 on the same subject.

Q: What are the fines on overdue books?
A: $.25 per day per book.

Q: How can I get to be a Library Experience student?
A: You'll need a free period, 0 through 6th. See Mrs. Slim if you want to help out in the library for 5 units of a letter grade (most students get A's!)

Q: How much do photocopies cost?
A: $.10 for black and white, $.50 for color

Q: How can I scan a document?
A: Use the Bizhub copy machine (it's a scanner too!) It scans to the "Fiery Remote" software on the first 6 computers in the library.

Q: What is the library's website?
A: www.ilovelibraries.com

Q: How do I find a Quick Pick book?
A: Search the THS Library Book Catalog for "QP."

Q: Why am I always hungry in the library?
A: Because you left your food (and drinks - even water!) OUTSIDE or on the table at the entrance to the library.

Any other questions? Email Mrs. Slim at mslim@fjuhsd.net